Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost Live!

In a few days here we will be going semi-live with the server. It will still be whitelisted, but we will be letting people explore and check it out.

Few things to note:

1. We will not be allowing whitelisters to build. Just explore.

2. Quests are not 100% complete so we ask players not to click on NPC's

3. Not everyone will get in, only those that donated and we know and talk to us.

4. Please register for the forums for a chance to get in.

On a special note Factions as they are, are not group specific. That will have to wait for the new Factions patch since minecraft 1.2 is supposed to break the old one. So our coder is waiting for bukkit to release support and design it with that API instead of the old one.

WHEW! That was quite a bit.

In the world of poliuy life is good, I applied for some new City jobs, and I have begun to wake up everyday for an early morning workout/run at 4am, so my bed times are now 7pm lol. I am down from a whopping 210lb to now 199.8! 9.8lbs to go!

Alright all I am out, more updates tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

We need your help!

We are currently looking for players who are decent coders to help us in constructing a new plugin project.

You see we have this dream where players can engross themselves into a deep RPG experience,
complete with PvP, free-roam, quests, and hidden features. However, our lack coding knowledge prohibits us from really doing what we want to do.

So this is where you come in. We want you or your friends to help us in building our plugin (right now we are using a mishmash of different plugins to get what we want done).

What you get: Credit, praise, friendly people, and playing on an awesome server with amazing ideas.

So contact me on skype: feyd231 or email me at

Later all!

New Update

So it has been awhile since I have last put in an update, but if you have been checking the website I'm sure you have seen some funky stuff going on.

Well I've been redoing the website and so this is what I have so far =). We are still working on a banner, but that will come shortly.

On to minecraft specific stuff. Plugins, Lore, and Quests.

First off the plugins... well we have had some problems, and while at the moment we are trying to get a work around, nothing is for sure. So while we may not have nation raiding factions ( sad face I know) we will still have the factions plugin with additions!

We have add the heroes plugin and quests! So now when you join you can type /apply and become a part of that hero class and reap all of its bounties, in addition there will be secret hero class around but they require a password, you will have to do quests and explore to find the hidden clues to them.

As far as lore, we have add Act I: The Gods, where we introduce the God characters into the game, more on Lore later so keep checking for updates.

And in the mean time in case you didn't like talking to us through skype we now have a forum! So please register tell us your ideas, complain or w/e. We just like to hear from you (speaking of which have you called your mothers lately?)

Anywho bad jokes aside, we WILL and I mean WILL have the server up in one form or another by the end of February this year, so mark your calendars and get ready =).

So long and Roc'ogar!